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Our clinic has key differences to general dental practices and other clinics:

We only carry out dental implant and related treatment. Focussing on this alone enables us to deliver the best solutions for our patients without distraction We operate the “All with one” philosophy. A single clinician will carry out all your treatment. This eliminates confusion, mix ups and changes in treatment. We only employ dentists trained with a Graduate Diploma in Dental Implantology (AQF/EQF 8) or above.


All in one centre.

The Meredith Clinic. A single centre dedicated to providing you, the patient, with the very best advice, care and treatment focussed on dental implants. In house, highly experience clinicians and access to the worlds best dental laboratories (Osteon.com) and manufacturers (Straumann.com) provide top level precision and quality.

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Teeth made in a day to last a lifetime

Listening to a patients needs, planning the most appropriate treatment and providing the best solution is the key to success. The use of gentle surgery, the best implant systems and the finest laboratories ensures long term success.

The Post Graduate Institute of Dental Surgery

In addition to the Clinic Professor Meredith is Dean of the PGIDS dedicated to training dentists to undertake a Graduate Diploma in Dental Implantology; an intensive one year full-time programme. If you are not within reach of the Meredith clinic in Brisbane Centre, Northlakes or Cairns please contact us and we will be pleased to put you in contact with one of our qualified Alumni, Australia wide.

Still unsure? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any other questions you may have.
Still unsure? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any other questions you may have.

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